About Dr Sanjay Kumar Goyal


Our founder Chairman

Dr Sanjay kr Goyal has above 40 years experience in healthcare.
He is highly qualified, innovative, visionary & adaptive. He received the highest degree in healthcare from most premier institutes, PGIMER CHANDIGARH in 1994.
He is involved in continuous learning and up gradation through courses, conferences & workshops.

Dr Goyal started first Urology only unit in Private & public sector of Uttarakhand.
He has benefited above 2 lakh sick people, performed above 20 thousand procedures.
He adopts the highest level of advanced technologies in his treatment.


His complete focus is on

  • Patient care
  • Quality care
  • Empathy
  • Patient-centric care,
  • Patient safety
  • Handholding during and after treatment.
  • Transactions
  • Cashless treatment,
  • Avoid out of pocket expenses.
  • Seamless, digital transactions.
  • Digitalisation
  • Online consultation
  • Digital patient care
  • Maintaining digital records
  • Prescription on your email/ SMS

Communication Mastery

Dr Sanjay Goyal introduces advanced verbal & nonverbal communication in healthcare in India & abroad. It’s an untouched field and has improved patient satisfaction rates immensely. Our satisfaction rate amongst treated patients is very high and improving every day.

Leadership Positions

Dr Sanjay Goyal is holding various leadership positions in healthcare & in society.
Founder president Uttarakhand Urology society
Founder President Dehradun Urology society
Former President of Indian Medical Association, Dehradun
Former President, Toastmasters International

Personality development & Grooming Coach

He grooms working professionals, high performers, celebrities & politicians through 1 to 1 coaching and group coaching.

Social influencer

Dr Sanjay Goyal is a popular social influencer.
He educates masses through his YouTube channel. His goal is to make small changes in everyone’s life and educate them to live a more productive and happier life. He feels if you make a small change every day, in a year you will make 365 changes and life will be a new life.

Author His book on Happiness is a best seller on Kindle. Happiness, The only thing you want in life. It’s about daily small things which bring you happiness rather than big things.

International Yoga Trainer

Dr Sanjay Goyal is a certified international yoga trainer. He focuses on customised yogic postures & calming down exercises, which bring you the power to live a peaceful and healthy life.

Motivational public speaker

Dr Sanjay Goyal is an internationally accredited public speaker. He won many awards at various level of public speaking. He is highly skilled in motivating people who feel they can’t succeed in life. He focuses on converting a deficient and failing mindset to growth, abundant and productive mindset.